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We offer customized home programs and specialized instructions, complete with worksheets.

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How does Occupational Therapy help children?

Listen to this panel of therapists explain.

This video describes some of the reasons why a child might be referred for Occupational Therapy. It also shows activities which Occupational Therapists might have a child complete during a session.

Vestibular Functions And SPD Part 3

One outcome of vestibular functions is spatial awareness. This skill may be defined as the ability to perceive the shape and position of objects in the environment and/or  the ability to appreciate the position of oneself in relationship to objects in the environment. The vestibular system stimulates the muscles of the eyes and ears so as to sharpen their ability to discriminate among sensory

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Self Regulation: A Primer

Self–regulation is the ability to monitor and control one’s own behavior, emotions, or thoughts, altering them in accordance with the demands of the social and physical environment. The 4 main components of self-regulation have been referred to as the 4 A’s of infancy: Affect Attention Action Set Arousal The disordered quality of any one of these factors is most easily seen during infancy through the

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Use a swing to enrich learning skills

Parents: Because the vestibular system is one of our most primitive sensory systems, it is connected to other basic systems necessary for survival on a reflexive level. This means that your child does not even have to think about key responses when the vestibular system is activated. The vestibular reflexes serve to tie in vision, language and postural reactions on an automatic basis. This

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